How Many Should I Purchase?

Feedback from surgeons and patients who have used Pocwear shorts advise that at least 2 pairs are needed to assist in your recovery.

This is to ensure you have a clean pair at all times as hygiene is very important in you early recovery phases from a total joint replacement. Having 2 pairs gives you the opportunity to clean the pair you are not using that day.

Please keep in mind you will have limited opportunities in hospital for laundry, so it is important to have enough to get you through your hospital stay before returning home.

For more information on how to best use your POC Wear shorts, please view the following link: Product Information

For wash and care instructions, please view the following link: Wash & Care Instructions

It is also important to note you will experience some swelling after your operation. Some users purchase 2 sizes – 1 larger size for the period in hospital and 1 the next size down to wear once the swelling has subsided. It is important you do not try to apply too much compression to the point where you are uncomfortable.