Post Op Compression

Enhance your recovery post hip replacement


Pocwear Cooling system

Invest in your recovery by providing consistent cooling therapy to your affected area.

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Post Op Compression Shorts – Stay active with your rehabilitation whilst you obtain important compression and ice therapy directly over your wound site; regardless of the surgical approach used for your hip replacement.

Poc-Wear Cooling Therapy System

$195.00 $250.00

Poc-Wear Cooling System available now. Enhance your recovery by consistent cooling therapy to your affected area. Poc-wears recirculating system provides constant cooling therapy through the icing pad.

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PocWear cooling Therapy System

Brand new product to the market! Providing extended cooling therapy for many indications. The cooling unit delivers constant temperatures through the Pocwear pad by actively recirculating cool fluid. Speed up your recovery from Knee, Shoulder and Hip surgery by providing cooling therapy to your injured area. Invest in your recovery now!

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Specially Designed

Created by Surgeons, Physical Therapists and Medical professionals, POC Wear shorts will enhance recovery post total hip replacement.

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I was really happy with my Pocwear shorts. I wore them on day 1 following my surgery and the nurses in the hospital all commented on how great they were. My surgeon said that my swelling was minimal when compared to other patients. The debate was whether it was due to his surgical skills or my Pocwear shorts!

– Jennifer (Sydney, Australia)

I had day surgery hip replacement. The shorts allowed me to walk out of the hospital with ice packs already in the pockets over my surgical site. I wore them over the next few weeks as I recovered. I was able to ice during and after exercise which really helped with my pain. I would recommend these to anyone having a hip replacement.

– Geoffrey (Colorado, US)

These shorts are great! Comfortable and designed well for recovery. Now that I have recovered I am still using the shorts but the pockets are now used for my phone and not an ice pack!

– Joan (Brisbane, Australia)


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