Hip Replacement Compression Shorts

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POC Wear is post-operative compression apparel specifically designed for patients recovering from total hip replacement. They are designed to fit like bike shorts but have pockets located over your surgical incision sites (All surgical approaches). The pockets are sized to accommodate ice packs which allow cooling therapy to the surgical site which help reduce swelling. There are also compression strips located on the pockets which apply gentle compression over the surgical incision.

Research suggests that cooling therapy or cryotherapy can provide benefits such as reduced blood lost (1) following surgery, decreased pain levels (2,3), shorter hospital stay (2) and increased range of movement (3). POC Wear hip compression shorts allow you the freedom of movement while providing both compression and cooling therapy at the surgical site.


How to best use your POC Wear shorts

Under your surgeon’s instruction you can wear your POC Wear shorts early in your recover period, preferably while still in hospital. This will allow you be as mobile as you can manage while giving you the ability to use small ice packs in the specifically located pockets to assist in reducing swelling and pain.


POC Wear shorts come in a variety of sizes. Please refer to the table below to select the size best for you. It is important you select a size that is both comfortable yet able to provide a mild level of compression. Keep in mind you will have some swelling following a hip replacement so select an appropriate size with this in mind.

POC Wear Sizing Chart

Recommended ice packs.

The pockets are designed to fit small ice packs (approximately 10 x 15cm). These are normally available at your hospital facility however can be purchased from retailers should you wish to have your own. The ice packs work best over the wound site however you can utilize the other pockets if you have a broader area of discomfort or swelling.

It is recommended you use the ice packs intermittently such as 10 - 15mins every hour. If you experience any discomfort please cease icing and try again in the next hour. This is a recommendation and you should consult with your surgeon and nursing staff at your treating facility. Below are some examples of ice packs you can use.

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Once you commence using your POC Wear shorts you can wear them for as long as you are comfortable. If you feel they are too tight you can wear for periods of 1 to 2 hours with a break of 1 to 2 hours. Remember you are free to move around under the hospital and surgeon's guidance as POC Wear gives you the ability to ice whilst performing normal daily activities.



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